Zombi- The Animated Movie 

  Based off of Meraki House Comics best selling graphic novel with the same name, Zombi follows the fate of a young woman after she was kidnapped and a would be witch doctor attempted to turn her into his own personal zombie slave, however he failed to perform the rites correctly accidentally sending her mind into the spirit world instead of her spiritual energy. Now lost in realm between dreams and death she made a bargain with the god Zombi to help her return to the land of the living where she can get her revenge on the man that caused this. 


   The Animated film is spearheaded by comic book creator J.W Curry, with an approx. runtime of 77 minutes, and will be Meraki House Comics 1st full length animated film. 


 You Can support the film project anytime you purchase any the Zombi graphic novels or apparel  on the website or any one of our supporting comic book locations. If you want to support the film with a donation message email at the bottom of the page with the subject "Support Zombi Film Project". 

Zombi- 1st trailer 

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