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  The newest branch of the company founded in the Summer of 2018 with the launch of the Zombi animated Film Project (see the Zombi page for more details)  

Ukiyo Kensho


A Meraki House Comics Original Animated Series  

Created By: JW Curry

   A Sci-Fi adventure fantasy who's animation is a call back to old 1970's and 80's animation style with a fresh new look. Written and created by JW Curry this series features 12 animated short episodes following a brother and sister after they recovered the most advanced computer system in the known universe. But they soon discover that they are not the only ones after the program and are quickly hunted down by other interested parties. 

Naomi Grey_ Early Concept Design. 

One of the main characters in the series her and brother Li were some of the few survivors of the B-0766 Mining platform massacre. They were then raised as refugees onboard the Kensho before being unofficially adopted by the soldier that recued them and trained to become elite soldiers in the splinter commando Unit-757. Her physical abilities were all augmented by biotech nanofiber muscular system, 

UK Concept Art.png

Aesira Sol_ Early Concept Design was based off a recycled design of a character that was split into several characters in this series. She has one of the most complex backstories in the series with serval layers of tragedy that are briefly explored in the first few episodes. 

 As a former mech piolet that was left for dead after a battle, only to be discovered an 'resurrected'  by zealot religions group that gave her the name/title 'Aesira Sol'. 


 The death and birth of Aesira Sol. At the end of a fierce battle her Colossus Class Battle Mech was impaled by dozens of massive spikes  that were charged with ion energy while she was standing on a small asteroid. She was left for dead after the crew could not detect any bio metrics inside the Mech, and the asteroid was getting too close to the local star to attempt a recue of either the Mech or her body without the risk of losing the team. 

aesira sol1 concept.png
Origins of Aesira Sol .png

Oliver Thompson, Naomi's older brother.  Seen here in his custom battle armor and weapon. He is an mixture of serval characters filling in multiple archetypes including; the carefree nature of Nightwing  from DC Comics, but being a bit older (mid 20's) he has the experience of soldier to give him the edge in battle. His mechanical skills are second only by his skills in combat being ranked as one of the youngest cadets to graduate from the B-3 battle mech course. 

Rough animation from the first episode of Ukiyo Kensho._ Naomi is tasked in recovering  an experimental AI system called the 'Starkey' after the lab ship that it was on became infected with a highly contagious nanovirus. But an simple extraction quickly becomes complicated with the arrival of an unexpected guest. 

Li Concept Art 1.png
Scene 3.gif
Scene 4.gif

In between the cells 

The Story of Ukiyo Kensho and the road from drafting table to animation. 

 Drawn from a deep love of 80's and 90's OVA anime and any other space/ sci-fi cartoon or comic I could get ahold of and a pair of Halloween costumes I made for my kids one year the seeds of the series were planted