The Art of JW Curry 


Dreams in a Bottle

Acrylic on Canvas Board 

Inspired by the works of the late Salvador Dali, this painting presents the audience with a melting green bottle that is on a display in the middle of a dreamscape like desert in the background. 

This is the first time to note that JW Curry put a green bottle in a painting. 

Currently in a Private Collection

Carolyn Jones 

Head-shot Portrait 

Mix Media_ Acrylic and Charcoal. 

 Displayed at the Zombi Animated film Pop Up Gallery inside the Koken Art Factory in St. Louis. 

It is currently in a private collection. 

Death of an Idea 

Acrylic Painting on Canvas 

Soul of an Old Man

The Anchor of the Bottle
The Negative 


:The Reflection of the moon on a body of water. 

Rising through the Struggle

Its all but a Dream

Portrait of a Parrot 

The Princess Nahuatl

Truth, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness 

The Tenacity of Man

Old Men of the Forest/ The Old Gatekeepers 

The Watcher of the Ocean

Portrait of a Woman with Blue Hair

Elephant Portrait on yellow 

She was as Healthy as Heroin

Fountain in 

Forest Park, St. Louis. 

Tree in a Field 

Lady in the

Green Dress

The Flight of the Raven

 Concept art for the Zombi Animated Film

                  Stolen Art. 

The whereabouts of this painting are unknown at the time of this posting.

  It was stolen from a display at a bar in the town of St. Roberts.  

Mix-Media painting. the painting portrays a young African female in Día de los Muertos make up and wearing a blue dress. She is sitting in the middle of ruins with a large black tree in the background. The board of the painting is lined in a "broken" red brick wall.  

More Details are on the blog page. 

Portrait of a young woman

Wood burned 

A Creation 

Self Portrait of an 

Imaginary Man 

The Gatekeeper Digital painting_( Concept Art For the Hudson Series )


The New Lady of the Lake 

Digital Painting Concept Art for the Hudson Series 

Necronomicon Notebook


Plague Doctor Bust

Message in a Bottle Necklace

Owl Necklace 

Sunset over a Great Lake.

In the dark of the woods

Early Morning Fog

The Moment Time Stopped.

Down the Cold Dark Alley. 

Contrasting Realities 

J.W Curry 

Photo by Andy Hardy on the set of the Shocktane music video. 

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