Tall Tales & Short stories 

Fantastical stories from Meraki House Comics, LLC. Short stories that have no shortage of imagination, from mech pilot's war journals to Zombie Kings, ghost ships and haunted crews to a man that was given a demon's arm in replacement of his own these stories and bond to keep you reading one after another. 

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the lost crew of the St. homer 

Written/ Created By, J.W Curry 

The Lost Crew of the 

St. Homer

The Zombie King 

Written By: Charles Lee Kaneís II



 From the Shadows of the Moon. 

A One Shot of Horror Story _ By: JW Curry 

Coming  Soon...

Outpost at the End of the Stars

Coming Soon

]Written By: Charles Lee Kaneís II

Blood, Sweat, and Gears 

<TRIGGER WARNING> Though the characters and subject of this story are 100% fantasy the story in it self portrays a Soldier dealing with homelessness as well as severe PTSD. 

Coming Soon...

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