Short stories 

Fantastical stories from Meraki House Comics, LLC. Short stories that have no shortage of imagination, from mech pilot's war journals to Zombie Kings, ghost ships and haunted crews to a man that was given a demon's arm in replacement of his own these stories and bond to keep you reading one after another. 

the lost crew of the St. homer 

Written/ Created By, J.W Curry 

  A maddening stillness has engulfed the world around me. Not even the winds dare draw breath across the icy sea that has ensnared my ship, the sun sits on the horizon turning both land and sky into a hauntingly deep crimson hue. I know not how long it has been locked in the sky sometimes I wonder if that is how it has always been, and if what I recall as sunsets and rises or even the blue sky is something of a figment  of an overactive imagination. 





 "I stand alone inside the captain's quarters of my ship, now forever locked into place in the icy grip of this forsaken landscape stained red by the ever setting sun, it lingers on the horizon for what has felt like days, maybe even weeks I have lost all sense of time. I stand alone, my only company is the ghastly specters that haunt the ship, 


The ship moans as the arctic winds blow across her bow, now forever entombed in the icy grasp of this forsaken tundra. The landscape all around me has been stained deep crimson from the sun that seems forever locked just above the horizon. I alone have survived on the rations locked away in the captains quarter's. The crew all have been taken by some unnatural force that rules this place. What I can only assume are the remnants of their souls shuffle through out the ship 

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