Written/ Created by J.W Curry 

Harold Hudson was born on the island kingdom of Antillia  10,000 years ago. He served as a knight in the royal guard until he was about 50 and the kingdom fell at during a civil war. He left the island and became a wondering knight, soon joining the ranks of an order of the black knights, a group of independent knights loyal to no crown or kingdom. But instead help any persons in need.

  He served under their banner until he was 98, when he died in combat against a demon named Legion after he discovered he was the cause of the destruction of an entire civilization. Despite being a seasoned veteran, and skilled at magical combat the demons powers and his command over a legion of demons proved too much for the knight and he fell in battle that day. 

  All hope was not lost however as the ravens known as 

 Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory) were near by and carried his body to their father Thoth.  In order to heal him before death took the last spark of life from his body Thoth fused a feather of a phoenix to his soul, both healing his wounds and giving him near immortality. 


 The comic series follows his more modern adventures, with some flashbacks to older stories. 

  Vol.1 is a 6 part origin story, with a release date in Spring of 2021. 

Supporting Cast: 

Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory), the daughters of Thoth, however they are best known for their employment with the Norse god Odin. Two beautiful women with skin as black as ebony, they are revered in almost every court of gods and magical entities for both their beauty and their skills in magic and combat. They have aided Hudson in his years as a black knight and all the years afterwards. 

Mordred, his true origins being more disturbing than most people think. His real father is Merlin after he became obsessed with a young student of his Princess (later Queen)

Morgause after he transformed himself into Arthur and seduced her, then blaming Arthur while revealing that Morgause was his long lost sister. 

  As an adult Mordred discovered the truth only after Arthur's death at the hands of the former knight of the round table Accolon. When Camelot fell Mordred left England and traveled the world with the Green Knight, Sir Bertilak de Hautdesert ( "Bredbeddle") 



Early Concept Design for Hudson by J.W Curry 

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