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  Written/ Created by J.W Curry 

  1,000 years ago on the small island kingdom of Antillia 

a dark force rose up the deep oceans that surrounded them. 

  For 7 days no sun shown in the skies above as horrific creatures slaughter almost every living thing on the island. 

On the seventh day a young boy not a day older than his 12th birthday began his retaliation against the dark creatures, setting the center of the village a blaze as he stood in the middle with his father's sword and dagger. 

 He stood his ground for the following two days until the city center was all by smoldering ask and embers, he fled to the docks where he had previously stocked up fishing boat with enough supplies to last two weeks at sea. 

 After 7 weeks of a sea with no stars, no sun and no winds to fill the sails, even waters below offered no hope of life under the surface. And the creatures that  were below the waves were not the kind one would bait or seek out. He reached the edge of the shadow and saw the sun rise a vibrant orange that was soon nearly blinding in its brilliance. 

  He sailed to the first port he saw. He told sailors his story with a warning not to sail their ships near the shadows that lay in the southern sea. 

  He soon crossed paths his his Uncle, a Sable Knight. He was then tasked by his Uncle to seek out 7 masters in 7 years. His Uncle will meet him at the heart of the city of Helbert on the eve of the summer solstice. 

                                                Limited Series Fantasy Saga

Supporting Cast: 

Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory), the daughters of Thoth, however they are best known for their employment with the Norse god Odin. Two beautiful women with skin as black as ebony, they are revered in almost every court of gods and magical entities for both their beauty and their skills in magic and combat. They have aided Hudson in his years as a black knight and all the years afterwards. 

Mordred, his true origins being more disturbing than most people think. His real father is Merlin after he became obsessed with a young student of his Princess (later Queen)

Morgause after he transformed himself into Arthur and seduced her, then blaming Arthur while revealing that Morgause was his long lost sister. 

  As an adult Mordred discovered the truth only after Arthur's death at the hands of the former knight of the round table Accolon. When Camelot fell Mordred left England and traveled the world with the Green Knight, Sir Bertilak de Hautdesert ( "Bredbeddle") 



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Written/ Created by JW Curry