J.W Curry, CEO/ Project Director at Meraki House Comics ,LLC Multimedia Entertainment 

  In the early 2000's (04 or 05) from a basement in the middle of Florissant, Mo. USA two high school students JW Curry and his close friend Ryan Proffer, dreamed about creating a new comic book publishing company, one that was designed and dedicated in helping inspiring artist find their voice and expand their portfolios so they can further their careers in the industry. That company was called, 'Little Guy Production' and operated for about 8 years before Ryan left the company and JW restructured it to better fit the times adding in two other divisions. Officially renaming it 'Meraki House Comics' in 2016 , Meraki is a Greek word that means 'The Soul or Creativity that you put into an object.' he chose 'House' because he wanted to help the artist community under one roof. The two new divisions of the company were the art gallery, which focused on creation and selling of original art being either paintings or sculptures, and the other was for any and all charity events that the company would host or donate to. 

  As the years progressed the company has expanded even further creating both a film and animation department as well. 

  Over the years JW Curry has been a featured artist throughout the St. Louis community having his art sold at multiple art galleries including, the short lived DeLeo's, Soulard Art Gallery, St. Louis History Museum and AM Trading Post. As well well producing a logo that was used on a limited edition bottle for Budweiser, with two of his works being hung and displayed in their corporate office buildings in downtown St. Louis.  He worked for a time as a logo designer and head graphic designer at a local printing company called Prints 4 Vets for a time before focusing his creating the art gallery division mentioned in the above section. 

One of the 1st pictures sold at an art gallery (DeLeo's) It features JW Curry's friend a model named Bethany Nicole Endres standing on top of a billboard near the St. Louis Lambert Airport.

 The billboard was chosen because of it unique look of the fragments of dozens of past advertisements  that were pasted across the board. 

PICTURE 148.jpg

Three other pictures featured at the DeLeo's Gallery were 'All the Time in the World' which is displayed at Meraki House Comics, LLC office, "Warhol Peppers" and "I've Got an Idea" both are in private collections.  

 Other works can be seen in the merch store or on Instagram @JW_Curry 


The original logo for the company 'Little Guy Productions, LLC" featured a giant man at a little desk symbolizing 'Big ideas with small beginnings' 


The current logo is a more streamlined version of the beta logo. Now with the stylized Fleur de Lis on top of the company name in graffiti style lettering  and the company slogan "Worlds of Imagination Under One Roof" at the bottom. 

The Beta logo is a Fleur de Lis with the company name Meraki House Comics, LLC placed in the middle on top of both several sketch/ broken boxes and a multi colored splatter effect colored in halftones. 

 The Fleur de Lis was chosen because St. Louis, and by extension both have strong French backgrounds. The sketch lines/ boxes represent all the different directions inspiration or art can come from and that art as a whole can not be contained. The splatter effect is showcase the messy street level beginnings of the company with the pop art halftones being a nod to early comic books. 

New MHC Logo Design1.png
MHC AD New Wave.png

 As of this posting Meraki House Comics, LLC can be purchased in 14 comic book stores throughout Missouri and Kansas  with plans on expanding as far north as Chicago and as far south as New Orleans. If we are not sold in your local shop or if you own a shop and want to sell our product please reach out to us on the email list below. 

Things to come... 

Meraki House Comics is always on the forefront of inventing new ways to bring our message to members of the artistic community, our goal is still the same as it was when we first opened the doors in the sense that we hope to help inspiring artist of any age find succus in their dreams and provide a safe environment for them to grow and perfect their craft. 

 And if you are one of those artist please feel free to contact us and let us help you on your journey.