ABC-Designs, artist: Amanda Curry.

Hand drawn custom necklaces, bookmarks, cards, and more. 

To order yours today type in the SKU# found at the bottom of the image at check out. All special request can be submitted during the check in the comments section. 

ABCD_J_60OV Butterfly01 


ABCD_J_38OV Sunflower01


ABCD_J_54H Heart and Flowers01


ABCD_J_75OV Blue Flowers01


ABCD_J_58OV Orange/Red Flowers01


ABCD_J_53OV Red and Pink Flowers01


ABCD_J_ 38OV Yellow Butterfly01 


ABCD_J_ 60H  Purple Flowers in Heart 

ABCD_J_00H> Multi Colored Flowers 01


ABCD_J_ 01S_ Night Sky Eye


ABCD_J_ 40S_ Golden Eye


ABCD_J_ 38S_ Golden Eye 2