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Comic Book Production 

Right at the heart and soul of the company, the comic book production department thrives on producing new and original ideas from inspiring new talents. Apply below if you have a story that you want to be published. 


Art Gallery 

The art gallery displays and sells original art works from various local artist including some of the original hand drawn pages of multiple comic book series, paintings, hand made jewelry, sculptures, and more. 


Film Department 

We produce both short films and music videos from local actors and musicians. We pride ourselves in being able to generate these on a number of budgets working to help connect various teams of freelance video photographers and others essential crew members on projects working with the client to provide a top tier product regardless of the customers budget. 

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Animation Department

Saints that Paint

Worlds of Imagination under one roof. 



Division-3.5 is a a sub-division of the Film department whose main focus is the production of animated features and web-series as well as providing custom animations for clients such as animated logos or video intros. 

Is the charity/ non-for-profit division with the goals to provide outreach for the local community raising money to schools art programs by hosting pop-up galleries or art shows. Or by donating artwork to other charity events.